Save the Pattern Fill (*.pat) file from pdf or Existing File in Coreldraw

A two-color pattern fill is composed of only the two colors that you choose and you can change the color of the two-pattern but full-color pattern fill is unchangeable color. A full-color pattern fill is a more complex vector graphic that can be composed of lines and fills and A full-color pattern fill also known as “vector pattern”. A full-color fill can have color or transparent background. A bitmap pattern fill is a bitmap image whose complexity is determined by its size, image resolution, and bit depth. The till size of pattern fills can be changed as needed and can also specify exactly where these fills begin by setting the tile origin.

CorelDRAW also lets you offset tiles in a fill. Adjusting the horizontal or vertical position of the first tile, relative to the top of the object, affects the rest of the fill.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite provides a collection of full-color (vector) and bitmap pattern fills that you can access and search. You can preview thumbnails of the available pattern fills. If one of the collection of full-color and bitmap pattern fills no one that suits the needs. You can also create your own pattern fills. For example, you can create pattern fills from objects that you draw or images that you import or from pdf file.  Coreldraw’s weakness is the lack of features to store existing *.pat files. Therefore, I will provide a way to solve problem. That is,

First, Press file button>Import

Second, user a pdf file that has a pattern fills (*.pat). Example of a pdf file containingpattern fills.

Third, Select Import Text As Text and input select pages.

Note: If you want use existing file of pattern fill (“.pat”), you can use pattern fiil tools then do next step.

Fourth, Move the mouse cursor to The Coreldraw Worksheet and click mouse left-button. If a message “Font Substitution for missing fonts” appear, you can click “OK”.

Fifth, Use the Pattern Fill Tool to find out actual pattern size. See numbers on witdh and height in the Dialog of pattern fill. These number are number that indicate the actual pattern size then copy the width and height obtained to the Object Size.

Sixth, Create a new pattern fill of the changed object.

Note: If you want to change the color of pattern file, you must export as jpeg then drag drop to adobe illustrator. The last step, convert image to vector type using Tracing Object (Image Trace) and change color. Why use tracing object of adobe illustrator because quality of tracing object done adobe illustrator than trace object by Coreldraw.
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